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9 Days

Samoa-Fiji 9-Day Tour

Samoa is a South Pacific island country located between Hawaii and New Zealand, the western part of American Samoa. The land area is 2,831 square kilometers. The islands are undulating…

10 Days

India 10-Day Tour(Expired)

India is a country located on the Indian subcontinent of South Asia. India has the seventh largest area in the world, and India has a large population and the second…

10 Days

Turkey 10-Day Tour

Turkey is a country that crosses Europe and Asia. Its territory includes the Anatolian Peninsula in Western Asia and the East Thrace region of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders the…

8 Days

Nepal 8-Day Tour(逢星期六出發)

Nepal has a land area of ​​147,171 square kilometers, ranking 93rd in the world, and a population of 29.72 million, ranking 48th in the world. Because of its high altitude,…

5 Days

Hong Kong-Macau 5-Day Tour

暢遊:昂平市集、寶蓮禪寺(天壇大佛) ∣港珠澳大橋、澳門、新濠天地、水舞間(貴賓區) 精選5星級酒店 ►九龍香格里拉/港島香格里拉/嘉里酒店 ( Horizon Club豪華閣海景客房 ) Rosewood酒店/四季酒店 ►澳門新濠天地 摩珀斯/頤居酒店/君悅酒店 包水舞間(貴賓區)套票每位乙張 精選米芝蓮食府 ►富臨飯店「阿一鮑魚」米芝蓮三星餐廳 ►新濠天地「譽龍軒」米芝蓮三星餐廳 ►新濠天地「天朝食府」高級餐廳

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